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You need:
to rebuild it you need the following items: floor board, 2 squared timber, glue, metal hooks, package thread, 2 screws, beverage cans

Here we go:
Scientists use seismographs to find out how hard the earth is shaking during an earthquake. It´s easy to build one yourself:

  1. turn the screws into the green and blue hole of the long wooden bar. The screws need to stick out a little bit. Dreht

    Bild 1 Bild 2

  2. stick the tin to the end of the bar by using tape.
    Bild 3

  3. turn the metal hook into the short wooden bar (red hole)
    Bild 4

  4. Fix the short bar to the board. Stick the green screw of the long bar into the big hole of the short bar. Stretch the thread from the blue screw to the hook. The can should not touch the board.
    Bild 5 Bild 6

  5. Glue a piece of paper to the board and stick a pencil throw one of the big holes.
    Bild 7

What happens when the board is shaking?